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Amor y Vida is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing love, protection and care to children orphan or not, infected with HIV/AIDS giving them an opportunity for orientation, education and development.

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Amor y Vida is the result of the need to provide a loving home and hope to abandoned children financially disadvantaged by HIV/ AIDS

Our vision is to be an organization whom is recognized nationally and internationally as a foundation that provides opportunities that go beyond the daily care, breaking through the discrimination of social stigma.

Fundacion Amor y Vida is a non-profit non-governmental organization, it's purpose is to provide children orphan or not, infected with the HIV/AIDS virus and coming from low income families, with the necessary care, protection and love that they need. It was founded on September 1, 1994 in San Pedro Sula, Honduras and received its legal recognition on August 1, 1995.

How does it operate?

By a group of volunteers, who through monthly contributions, donations and fund raising activities are in charge of maintaining it.

How do the children get to the home?

The admission of each child to the home is done through Mario Catarino Rivas Hospital, Children Services or Family members.

Future plans

To form leaders and create businesses for the young/adults infected with HIV/AIDS.

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Tel: (504) 566-1395 / 559-3776

Fax: (504) 559-9537

Address: Col. Del Valle 1ra calle, San Pedro Sula, Cort├ęs, Honduras